The Just Because Gift

3:41 PM

We all go through those tough times.  Stuff can be happening at work, with our families, with our health or the health of a loved one.  It's nice to put a little gift together for a friend when she is going through something to make it known that you care and just because.  These little things can go a long way to making your friend know that you care and are thinking of her.

I just posted that I want to build my own terrarium here.  Giving a friend the base will let us work on them together.

This beautiful blown glass ball makes it feel a little like Christmas in the middle of the summer.

Delicate and sparkling, she'll just have to look down at her wrist to know that you are thinking of her.

Is she a cat lady?  I have a few friends whose cats are their kids.  This is cute to put on her desk at work without being too over the top crazy cat lady.

She'll think this is a gag gift, but once she tries it on, she'll thank you.  Goes on as a sheer berry-colored gloss that is incredibly moisturizing and full of Vitamin E.  

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