3:58 PM

I am utterly addicted to buying glasses.  And coffee cups.  Really coffee cups are the main problem with no more room on the shelf until I let some go.  Whenever we go into Starbucks  together, my husband steers me away from the new ones on display.

The glass buying addiction is really limited to wine glasses.  I stopped buying them because how many different varieties of wine glasses are there really?  The husband has an addiction to buying martini glasses.  He had been collecting them for years before we married, and now he has so many any new ones he finds look like one he has already, so he's stopped buying those.

The new glass obsession just may be these from Sempli.  These are the Sempli Cupa-Rocks designed to serve whisky or brandy.  The design makes the glass swirl when you set it down aerating the whisky enhancing the flavor as you drink.  They also make a vino glass which makes swirling as you drink even easier.  I do have to admit that the first time I used it it was rather off-putting; I kept thinking the drink was going to spill.  Since I'm not a big drinker of whisky or brandy, I used the glass for a sip of Amaretto.  I'm not sure if it enhanced the favor, but the Sempli glasses are fun, unique and definitely a conversation starter.

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  1. A beautiful glasses. Very original and fun. I've never seen before. Your comment is funny, the first time you moved the liquid. :)

  2. I'm going to use them again this weekend and see if I do better with them.


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