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In November of last year, I woke up one morning, looked at my brown bedroom walls and asked myself, "How have you lived here for over a year and not finished painting this house?" I like to paint. I find it very calming, it gives me uninterrupted time to think, and I love the sense of accomplishment I get when I see the finished product, everything looks fresh and new, and I'm that good sort of physical labor tired that makes you feel like you've done an honest day's work. I love it. So much so that when we had painters come in to do the living room, family room, and kitchen before we moved in, I didn't have them do the bedrooms and hallways. I wanted to do them myself. 

Now, if you remember, this house had a lot going on paint wise when we moved in. I wrote about it here. Our bedroom and D's office have something similar going on with different walls painted different colors in a more than an accent wall kind of a way. So when I woke up that morning back in November, I took myself down to Home Depot that day and made some paint choices. 

Behr Premium Plus Spun Wool     Behr Premium Plus Silver Bullet 

I want our bedroom to be dark and cozy. We have dark furniture, and I could go for very light on the walls, but instead, I want an almost gothic feel to the a non-Goth way, so Grant Gray seems perfect to me.

I went for a still dark gray in Elemental Gray for D's office that I think will lend a very professional vibe especially when he's on a video call. 

A's bedroom is going to be Spun Wool. It's neutral but rosy and reminds me of the color of her nursery.

I chose Silver Bullet for the hallways but have to admit that I'm not convinced yet. I love when you walk into a model home, and it has one consistent color throughout, but...I like to have very subtle shade changes from room to room (instead of wall to wall), so you don't even realize it's a different color. But our downstairs hallway is very dark. A guest goes from our very light grey and bright living room down this dark hallway to the powder room. I'm actually leaning towards painting it white. I know...groundbreaking.

If you've made it this far, and you are observant, you are probably now wondering, "Ok, so that was November which was over six months ago?" and you are correct. It hasn't happened. In November, I bought paint, and the next week, D had a pulmonary embolism. All the way through January we were visiting doctors to figure out what caused it since he isn't in a risk group as well as going through some challenges getting him onto meds that worked for him. Since then, it's just been a steady stream of work, business trips, holidays, theatre competitions, and everything that comes with senior year. I don't see any time for painting in my future until Memorial Day weekend, but that's my plan. Wish me luck. 

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