Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Plan with Me - August 2017

Sorry for the abrupt ending to the video as my camera battery died. Products used: Bespoke Lifestyle Sticky Notes - Available here: Cloth & Paper Sticky Notes Planner Pages from Printable Pineapple on Easy Studio Calico Stickers The Planner Society Ephemera Willowfilds Paper clip Webster's Pages Planner All products were purchased by me.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Bespoke Lifestyle Store Update

As some of you may know, we launched an online subscription box for our page flags last year around this time. We had done a significant amount of work on everything from choosing paper weight and adhesive strength to designs and logos.

Everything was coming together to plan, so we chose a launch date, and then our technical plan fell apart. Instead of quickly changing our launch date, we pushed forward, jumping through hoops, changing our web provider and our e-commerce platform, moving content that had taken months to develop over in one long, long night, but in the process, losing some of the site aesthetics and usability we had worked long and hard on creating.

But we launched on time with relief and plans for site refinement along the way. We were a little surprised when the Account Manager left our manufacturer suddenly just after the launch in the middle of planning for the next month’s release, and we should have been more concerned. Soon after, our emails with the 3rd month’s designs were ignored. We did receive our order for month 2, but we received no responses from the factory as we got closer to the month 3 production deadline. Now it appears that they’ve gone out of business.

We were left with a choice, quickly find a manufacturer to fill orders without thoroughly vetting the product quality, which had taken months before, or stop the subscription box after only two months. We decided on the latter.

That was November of last year. Since then, we’ve moved all the products we created into an Etsy store, we’ve worked on the website, and we’ve begun the hunt for a new supplier who can support the high quality we want for our product. We’ve also taken what we’ve learned and thought long and hard about our business model.

And we decided to make some changes. When we reopen, we may still have our in-house page flags, but we aren’t going to do a subscription box any longer.

Stay tuned, and we’ll drop some hints along the way. As for now, we'll keep some things in the Etsy store and show you our plans as we develop them. And we have no launch date. This time we feel like we’ll know when we are ready, and we’ll plan for a launch then.

We hope you enjoy the process with us. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Grilled Cheese at The Counter

Grilled Cheese with Ham and Onion Rings

Put this one in the category of things I miss about Southern California that I never thought I would.

In Pasadena, we had a branch of the restaurant chain The Counter. There are several locations spread throughout the states, but if you’ve never heard of it before, The Counter is a hamburger place I’ve mentioned here before. You have several options such as choosing the type of protein you’d like, the type of bun, cheese, toppings etc., to truly make a customized burger. They also have the best Parmesan fries. I think they add rosemary. Truly insane.

Before we moved to Nevada, we went through and checked on the location of all of our favorite chains to see if they had one in Las Vegas. In most cases, we were pretty lucky including our favorite sushi place, Kabuki, and quick bites like Chipotle, Blaze and Pizza Rev. We also felt we were gaining so many great restaurants on the Strip, we really wouldn’t miss anything. 

So imagine my disappointed when only a few months in, we started realizing the things we missed. Chick-fil-a? There wasn’t one, but luckily within a few weeks of realizing this was missing, two were opened. 

We knew one of our breakfast favorites, Urth Caffe, didn’t have a location, but then we heard the news that one will be opening early next year. 

Then one day I got an email from The Counter, and at the time, I really didn’t think anything of it. A few days later, I looked to see if there was one close by. No. Now I love burgers; I think they should be their own food group, but I had found so many other great burger places, whenever we went to The Counter, I actually began ordering other things off the menu, and that was when I found their grilled cheese. As much as I love burgers, I think I love grilled cheese even more. And this grilled cheese with ham and an onion ring inside with a side of bbq sauce was just life changing. I mean I immortalized it on my phone. 

Last week when I was cleaning pictures out of my phone, I found this one, and suddenly all I can think about is The Counter. Unfortunately I would have to drive to Arizona, California or Idaho to visit one, but I kept thinking about this grilled cheese. Obsessed, I went to look at the menu online and found that this particular grilled cheese that has haunted my dreams is no longer on their menu. I probably don’t need a recipe to recreate it, but I have found the cookbook Grilled Cheese Kitchen, and now there could be be much experimentation while I look for my new favorite.