Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Disneyland Trip December 2017

It seems crazy that it's already March, and I'm still posting Christmas pictures. We had such a great holiday, but it was very, very busy, with work, travel and family. Not all busy is bad you know.

Our trip to Disneyland was the tail end of our holiday. The day after Christmas, we headed down to Anaheim. The tree in the lobby of the Grand Californian did not disappoint again this year.

We had the chance to ride one of our favorite rides, The Hollywood Tower Hotel, one last time before it closes.

We had some great meals and snacks during our visit including drinks at the lounge in the hotel

And dinner at the Carthay Circle. We had our usual Manhattans before dinner with the delicious Luxardo cherries.

A tried a Vignette Wine Country Soda, which she said was unique and refreshing.

It was bittersweet to have to leave this time, as trips to Disneyland were such a part of our lives when we were still living in Southern California.

But we got to take home several new editions to our Starbucks You Are Here Collection to remember our favorite spots

and then there were faces like this that made it all worthwhile.

We can't wait to take a trip back when this is open.

The view from our room was a relaxing way to wind down after the holidays.

And they finished the trip with their favorite snack for the car ride home.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Plan with Me January 2017 MAMBI Happy Planner

Products used:
The Happy Planner Hole Punch
Martha Stewart Ruler
The Planner Society Washi
The Planner Society Ephemera
DewDrop Memento Ink in Cantaloupe
Staples Project Pad
American Crafts Acrylic Stamp Block
Cocoa Daisy Cling Stamp
Cocoa Daisy Ephemera
Dailylike Stickers
Cloth & Paper Sticky Notes
My Mind's Eye Paper

Color palette inspiration from

All products were purchased by me.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him

1. Apple Watch $369.99
5. Churchill Wingback Chair  $1,195.00

If you're like me, my husband is always the hardest person on my list to buy for, and Valentine's Day is even worse than Christmas or birthdays. Guys have it easy with so many Valentine's presents that are traditionally for women, and who wouldn't like flowers, perfume or candy? So in an attempt to make it easier on all of us, here's a suggestion for every budget. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bachi Burger

When we started telling people that we were moving to Vegas, the restaurant that most people mentioned was not one run by a celebrity chef or on the strip. It was hands down Bachi Burger.
Being such huge burger fans as previously seen here, I'm surprised it took us this long to make it over. We might have gone a little overboard on the appetizers, but there were five of us. We started off with the "healthy" stuff, garlic edamame and roasted brussel sprouts with bacon. These were my personal favorites of everything we ordered.

The bone marrow was a table favorite. At this point in the meal, I had aspirations to still try to stay low carb, so I only had a small bite without the toast, and how good can bone marrow really be without the toast?

Next up were the duck buns. That night I only had a few bites. The buns were soft, but the filling was surprisingly tasteless. They did come with a duck sauce, which added flavor...of duck sauce. I did end up having these the next day. They were not finished that night because no one wanted anymore after their initial bit, but I can't say that eating them as a leftover added anything except making the buns dry. We wouldn't order this again. (Speaking of duck, have you ever made duck fat french fries? Nom nom nom nom...)

On to the main event. A and I both ordered the Miyashi-san burger, which is Wagyu beef, onion rings, and egg and Sriracha mayo. I was going to remove the bun until I saw it. How could I resist the glossy buttery-ness of it. I only ended up eating 1/4 of the burger, but it was well-cooked and juicy. It could have used a little more mayo though.

Since truffle fries are always part of our order, we did order one order for the table. They came out with a balsamic drizzle, which is a change. They were supposed to be parmesan truffle, but we could detect neither parmesan nor truffle. They were well cooked, however, and perhaps we just got the wrong order? We knew they would not be finished, so we didn't send them back.

D had gone to the Umami Burger in the SLS for lunch a few days before, and he came away thinking they had reduced their portion sizes, but the burgers were as good as remembered. I think none of us were blown away by the burgers at Bachi Burger, but we did like the appetizers, so we might keep it in mind for a happy hour nibble stop.

Bachi Burger also serves ramen, and since one of our party was feeling a little under the weather, he ordered it. It could have been due to his feeling low, but he didn't comment other than it was spicy and there was a lot of it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Plan With Me November 2016

Finally have another planning post up on You Tube. Hope you enjoy!

Pink Kikki K Planner
Products from Cloth & Paper and my personal collection
Planner pages from

Spread inspiration from

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Decorations

The last few years I've been pretty unmotivated to decorate the house for holidays simply because it was so difficult to get our boxes of decorations down from the rafters of the garage. I felt almost guilty asking the Gnarly Old Guy to get a ladder and lift down these really heavy boxes. When we moved, we had the previous owners of the house leave the storage system they had in the garage, so the boxes are right there just ready to be lifted down. I started talking about decorating in August. When we finally brought the Halloween box down last week, a lot of our decorations had not survived either the years in storage or the move. Not to be daunted, I hit up Target, and came up with a few things there like these grey puffs that I have hanging from the balcony over the living room.

Most of the candles and candle holders survived because I had them inside of the house with all the other candle holders, but I picked up this glam gold ceramic pumpkin from Hobby Lobby.

This pumpkin is actually a candle that I picked up at Bath and Body Works a few years ago. I started to burn it last year, but it still has about halfway to go.

An old wax burner, I think from Yankee Candle. I had a little bit of an accident with some melted black wax and the shelf in the family room. I'm happy to say that the YouTube videos of how to get wax off painted surfaces with a hair dryer actually work.

This is all we've done outside. I don't know that Halloween decorations are as much of a thing here in Nevada as they are in Southern California. We are the only people in our neighborhood except for one other house that have anything in our yard. Hmmmm. Haven't figured that one out yet.

This pumpkin is my favorite. When you light a candle under this old shade from Yankee Candle, it casts little witches against the walls. Happy Halloween everyone. How are you decorating?