In the Midst - Organizing While Preparing for a Move

10:02 PM

I am currently in an all too unenviable situation: I'm working on my house, packing boxes, and preparing to list it. I have lists and project plans, half started projects and projects that I long to start but can't quite ever find the momentum or time because there just aren't enough hours in the day. And I admit, I had a meltdown over the weekend. My mini hiatus from travel over the holidays ends next week, and I'm freaked out about getting everything done. Admittedly, I moved up my self-imposed move timetable right before Christmas and out of stubbornness primarily, I refuse to think about delaying the move. 

Faced with the thought of another summer in Vegas, I stopped panicking and sat down to take a long hard look at my plans. Keeping it real, here is what we are faced with:

  • Fix the crack in the drywall caused by a leak in our upstairs air conditioning system 
  • Since the drywall guy will be here anyway, have him look at and repair some cracks from settling around the windows
  • Paint after the cracks are fixed
  • Then touch up paint everywhere; we had been thinking about painting the bedrooms, but after painting the hallway, we decided that touch-ups are going to be the way to go

  • Tear out the hot tub in the backyard
  • Add plants to outdoor planters
  • Have windows cleaned
  • Have ceiling fan in family room serviced
  • Pack books in the library
  • Recarpet staircase and upstairs
  • Declutter and stage house for listing photos especially our offices
Bulleting it out at this level made the list seem more manageable and a little more feasible to accomplish in the eight weeks I've given myself to get it done by the end of February. I did take some things off the list that I determined would be nice to do but that aren't absolutely necessary. For example, whittling down the kitchen and packing my crystal can happen while the house is listed instead of needing to be done ahead of time. 

I mentioned our goal to move in my last post about my non-resolution resolutions for 2019, but I didn't dwell on details there. We are going about this move much differently then we did with our move here to Vegas. When we moved here, we actually bought the house a few months prior to our move and moved over several trips going back and forth literally dozens of times over the course of months and gradually moving in. We also picked the house not really doing a lot of research about neighborhoods. That was a huge mistake: we love our house, but whenever we want to do something, we tend to drive all the way across the valley and should have done the research to buy a house where we would want to socialize, shop and hang out. I'm sure this has played a large part in our disappointment in our time here. In an attempt to not make the same mistake, we are planning on renting for the first year in Reno to find where we naturally are drawn before committing to a house. 

Knowing that we will be renting, one of our big moving tasks is going to be separating our belongings into two categories: things we can't live without and things we could pack away for a year or so. And as a by-product, maybe after a year of minimal living, we'll decide that we don't need the rest of our stuff after all. 

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