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Usually I'm the first one who has my resolutions planned out for the year a month ahead of New Year's Eve. Sometimes I might not be ready for Christmas, but I have a full page of how I'm going to make life better in the coming year. So imagine my surprise when I realized this morning that it was January 3rd, and I hadn't even had a single thought about a resolution. 

Maybe it's because I've spent so many years over planning and choosing too many projects and goals, setting myself up for inevitable failure because no one can do it all. I would normally have a goal for my weight, my fitness plan, the books I want to read in the next year, a home project, work goals, maybe trip planning, and the list would go on and on. 

Part of my lack in planning is that this has probably been the busiest work year of my life. If you remember this post that I did around this time last year with all of the Starbucks mugs I collected in what I thought had been a year full of travel in 2017, 2018 blew that away, and ironically, I mentioned in that post that I needed to go back to Colorado. I went to Colorado 7 times over 12 weeks this year. Instead of travelling once a month for work, the last half of 2018 saw me travelling almost every week. 

A lot of my normal routines did not stand up during that much traveling, and you know what, it all turned out okay. My carefully planned days were spent sitting in airports or for days in conference rooms sometimes with no windows. And when you spend that much time on flights, you quickly find out that flights get delayed A LOT, and you have to learn how to adjust, which is something that I have never been that great with. When I have figured out the plan for the day, I don't like changing it. 2018 saw my days changing frequently, and I learned how to adapt.

 Going through the pictures on my phone from last year, I found this one, that sums it up quite well I thought. There was a lot of new in 2018, and moving away from my routines opened up possibilities for me that I never expected.

So instead of over planning for 2019, I'm going to see what comes. I'm going to leap, and I fully expect that a net will appear. Now if you know me well, I don't want you to panic and think I've completey lost it. We defintely have plans for 2019, and some of them are definetly big, so I especially want to limit and not take on too much. I'm also finding that this list is a broader than any resolution list I would have made in the past. It's more open ended and leaves some room for improvisation. Who am I?

Without further delay the big 5 plans for 2019:

1. We are planning on moving again. We are staying in Nevada, but moving north to Reno. Our first year in Las Vegas was our best. The second year, D was plagued with health issues and we had some business disappointments. This last year, I was hardly here, D took a new job, and A left for college. When I was home, I just really wanted to be in Reno where there are seasons, and trees, and water, and mountains, and it feels more like home to me. So after wanting to be there so much, we started the wheels turning to take us there. We actually originally planned not to move until the fall or even later in 2020, but I'm committed to trying to be gone before we hit the heat of summer. We literally are loading a moving pod on our driveway as I write this to get the house ready for staging to list it.

2. Eat less processed food. No diet or weight loss goals. Just less processed foods. This one applies mostly to my travelling meals, as I cook almost every night when I'm home, and we are still using Marley Spoon, so we don't eat processed foods really at all (And I again have some free boxes to give away. Leave a comment below, and I will make sure you get a free box while they last.). Generally the first night I arrive wherever I'm going, I'm tired, and I grab a junky meal on my way to the hotel. I need to take the extra few minutes and find better options.

3. Don't feel guilty for turning off and having down time. I work constantly. I love to work constantly, and I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't work so much, so when I make a decision to leave early or not work at all, it feels great for the first few minutes, but then I tend to feel I don't know if it's guilty or just really that I'm so unused to having down time that it feels awkward to me. I would really like to work on not feeling that way and allowing myself to enjoy my time off.

4. Being open to more new opportunities. I allowed this to happen in 2018, and I was so rewarded by it. Since I don't know what those opportunities might be, this one is really wide open.

5. Looking at my surroundings. Being so busy and working so much, even though I travelled to so many different places last year, I really had to stop myself frequently to look at the scenery. I saw some amazing places last year, but unfortunately some times conference rooms have no windows, and long work days mean it's dark when you walk out of the building. I started waking up early to open my hotel room curtains to see my surroundings before starting my day. I was also really horrible about taking pictures last year, and I want to do a better job of that too.

I'm not sure honestly how I feel about this huge shift away from thorough planning, but I do like these "focus" areas. 

Do you make resolutions? Are they broader or very specific. I'd love to hear what 2018 brought for you and your plans for 2019. 

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