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Since I haven 't talked about my planner set up for over two years here, I felt it was about time. The system I was using in 2018 that I discussed here, was working well when I wasn't traveling, but it was too much to take on the road. I tried traveling with my Day Designer, but it was just too bulky and was honestly a hassle to drag around. Also, I found that it didn't hold up well when I was constantly taking it in and out of bags and opening and closing it. The spiral kept separating, so I used a ribbon to tie it together, but this made it harder and harder to close, so traveling with it became impossible. I switched over to a Happy Planner for travel, finding that I could easily take sections out if I wanted to travel light, and this worked really well for all of 2019 and the first half of this year. 

When I got home from New York in February and quickly realized that I was going to be home sat at a desk for the foreseeable future, I switched back to my Day Designer thinking I would be happy to be back in it now that it could just sit on my desk. I do love the set up of the Day Designer. I need a day on one page to keep all of my appointments and meetings as well as my to-do list in front of me, but I just wasn't loving using it. Like everyone else probably, I was feeling unorganized and somewhat at sea. With so many changes going on in my life on top of living through a global pandemic, I needed something to help me #ReclaimYourLife. I saw some planners posting about the Passion Planner, and I decided to print some of their free pages to test out the format. I only used the pages for two days before I was convinced and purchased a planner. 

Currently I'm in a small undated Passion Planner. Unexpectedly, I love the size even though it's much smaller than anything I've used in the past. Even though the pages are smaller than what I would normally use, the fact that there are a full two pages for every day is a huge plus. I put my to-do list on the right page, my appointments are time-bound, and I generally use most of the left-hand side of the left page to jot down items that I know that I won't get to that day or that I want to intentionally schedule into a future date. I wish I was better about using the Today's Focus, Best Thing That Happened, Today I Learned sections because it would probably help remind me of good things and stopping to smell the roses, but I just decorate over them most days. 

Since you can fit about 4 months into an undated daily, I will be using this format until October. I'm already thinking that I might move into a large dated weekly since I think going to the larger size will still give me enough room, and with the way the weekly is sectioned, I should have a place for all of my lists and appointments. I just happen to have a discount code, GINAB10, that you can use for your order.

I am still using my ring-bound planners as project planners. I find it extremely helpful to have dedicated binders for project plans, receipts, lists, etc. I also could not make it through the week without some kind of planning pad. 

What are you planning with right now? Has your system changed since you've been staying home, or have you modified your old system in some way? 

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