Happy Anniversary

3:23 PM

To my husband.  I waited a long time for you to come along, and you made my dreams come true.  My husband is actually pretty easy to shop for, something that can't be said about a lot of men.  I seem to find more than enough little goodies that I think he'd like.

I'm told his desk in the office is rather bare, so this quirky docking station would allow him to charge his iPad, use it, and have something to talk to visitors about all at the same time.  He would probably get a laugh out of the snippets in this book, but maybe he'd learn something at the same time.  This camera is retro and cool for a great price.  He has a sweet tooth, so chocolates and brownies from Sur La Table are always welcome.  I just have to make sure there are no nuts because, "Why ruin good chocolate with nuts?"

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