What to Buy That Soon to be Not a Teenager Anymore Boy er Man in Your Life

1:23 PM

We have two soon to be 20-year-olds, and I always seem to have a more difficult time choosing gifts for men than I do for women.  I know that at this age, a gift of cash is always appreciated, but who doesn't want something to open on that special day?

Although they aren't out on their own yet, I think they are starting to discover their sense of style and design.  It can't hurt to give them some pieces that will transfer from their rooms to their first apartment, and these vintage Hungarian street signs remind me of them and their love of European sports.  When they are little boys, they can't wait to shave.  Then they have to do it everyday, and it becomes a pain.  I try to buy their father products that fill like a luxury to make the chore a little less painful.  And what guy doesn't need an old-fashioned shaving brush?  I guess it's not cool to wear a jacket...ever.  To keep the cold away, maybe they'll agree to wear a pullover like this one from Banana Republic.  We are all about family game night.  We have a pretty good mix of games that we are each really good at (I am the undisputed Trivial Pursuit master).  Dominoes is still relatively new to the kids, and this set makes it a little more challenging.  Instead of matching spots, you have to match words that rhyme.  I'm noticing more and more people wearing watches again.  It might just be for a fashion statement, but I'm all for it regardless of the reason.  This Michael Kors watch is a good first step to a mature style.  

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