Diaper Cake

1:18 PM

My niece just had a baby boy, Aidan, and his nursery has a nautical theme, so it was so much fun for me to shop for her shower.  The call had gone out for diapers, when I remembered the diaper cake a co-worker had made when her daughter was expecting her first baby.  I went to Pinterest for inspiration and decided to try making a small one myself.

A lot of the online directions call for hot gluing the diapers together.  Since I was starting small, I used this large rubber band to hold my tightly rolled diapers together.

Double-sided tape worked really well, and I never even turned the glue gun on.

I picked the bow to go with the nursery color scheme, but if I do this again, I would go with something smaller or even consider putting a blanket over the top to give the appearance of a smooth surface instead.

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