DIY Feathered Bag

3:13 PM

I saw a few people do this DIY last winter, and sort of kept it in the back of my mind as something to think about doing.  When I was cleaning out my closet a few weeks ago, I came across this old Anne Klein evening bag that had been a little to close to some glitter and thought I'd give it a try.

I'm still seeing a lot of Gatsby-inspired pieces out there for fall, and this really had a 20's feel to it; plus, why buy another bag when you can just redo one you already have with a few inexpensive add-ons like a feather duster and some fabric ribbon.

I was pretty shocked that I was able to find a feather duster at the grocery store.  I guess people still use them.  I simply cut off the feathers as close to the base as I could.

And then I laid them out on the bag to see where I should pipe the hot glue.  I wanted the edge of the feathers to slightly overhand the edge of the bag.

Next I simply piped the hot glue across the bag and started applying the feathers, slightly overlapping.

I continued to add feathers making sure none of the leather was showing through until I felt it looked full enough.

Then I cut the ribbon to length, folding the rough edges over and gluing into place.  I then glued it across the top edge and over the quills of the feathers.  I decided to go with the silky blue ribbon because it provided more contrast and gave the bag more of that flapper vibe I was shooting for.

I only did one side of the bag because I thought it would hold up better if I had the leather to hold when carrying it instead of feathers, but you could just as easily do both sides.

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