To Foyer or Not to Foyer

11:10 AM

We live in a mid-century ranch-style house in Southern California.  After living in a turn-of-the-century Craftsman house for several years, adjusting to this house has been a struggle for me.  My husband was a fan of mid-century before we moved in, and he tried to convince me that I would learn to enjoy it.  One advantage immediately was the increase in closet space.  Our previous bedroom had a closet the size of a broom closet, and I had to keep all of my clothes in an attic closet upstairs. This house has a sitting room adjacent to the bedroom which has become my dressing room.  It is quite a luxury.

Another thing this house has that the last did not is an entryway, or as my mother would say, a foyer.  It's not huge but compared to the last house where as soon as you walked in the door you were standing in the combined living/dining room, there is a definite, dedicated foyer here.  It's one of those spaces that looks too bare without anything but isn't big enough for a very large piece of furniture.  I bought this table some time ago from online retailer Ballard Designs.  They don't currently appear to have any small, marble-topped tables available on their site.  The antique, silver sugar and creamer were grabbed at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $18.  I've never polished them because I love the patina.  I've loved grab bags ever since I was a child, so recently the husband and I have been investing in the grown-up version of grab bags available from Bespoke Post and Popsugar. You'll likely see lots of products here and on my fashion blog, Bespoke Baroque, that come from these boxes.  The Paddywax Tolstoy candle from their Library line is currently living on the table.  It has a grassy, musky but fruity scent that I think is perfect for the winter.  I used to be able to find Paddywax candles at Anthropologie, but they don't appear to be carrying them any longer.

I've tried to keep the other accents small here as well.  The two framed mirrors are also from Ballard.  The low brass pot I'm using as an umbrella stand came from TJ Maxx.  It's had a previous life as a planter, but I like it now for this purpose because it's short enough for our small umbrellas not to go swimming under its lip.  You see a glimpse of the blue (shudder) carpeting which we have to live with as we are renting this house.  All of the public rooms of the house are either wood floored or tiled, so we just have it in the hallway to the bedrooms and the bedrooms themselves.  I don't care for wall-to-wall carpet personally, and this shows dirt horribly especially with two little dogs inside the house. That's Piglet being nosy by the way.

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