Valentine Decorations

9:50 PM

C Wonder Monogram Geo Plate

Another one of those weird quirks I have is that I'm just not into Christmas decorations.  I don't know if it's because of the overkill of the holiday with everyone decorating for it or just the backlash of blowup Frosty on people's lawns, but I never really want to pull out the boxes, untangle the lights, and then take it all down again.  Every other holiday, I'm all over it.
I tend to add one new decoration to my stash for each holiday.  This year for Valentine's Day I invested in a wire Eiffel Tower as a reminder of the holiday the husband and I took last year and the trip we are planning for 2015.  It might not be strictly Valentine's related though, so I have been on the hunt for something more.

This plate from C Wonder seemed perfect for the coffee table maybe for some color-coordinated M&Ms.  The L you ask?  Why of course it stands for Love.  What else?

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