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While so many people are putting together gift guides and wrapping ideas, I'm sort of on fast forward this year.  After resolving to just relax and think of my food choices as a lifestyle instead of a diet, I started thinking of other things I could relax in my life.  Prior to moving three years ago, I had held on to a lot of things for no good reasons.  It was probably a way of attempting to gain some control in my very out of control life, but it really didn't solve any problems.  Spurred on by my husband and my sister while we were packing, I let go of so many things and never regretted it.  Now I'm looking around and wondering what else I could let go of.  I'm starting to feel like less could indeed be so much more.  Maybe it's having my office exist in what was formerly a small closet.  Every day I'm pulling things off of the shelves above me so that gaps are finally emerging, and I have the luxury of thinking about arranging and grouping things to make them more pleasing.  Starting with one small space, I want to move on to others.  Hmmmm...I wonder how far I'll get before the mood changes?

All photos via Martha Stewart Living

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