A-Frame Fried Chicken

5:45 PM

I really love fried chicken but not the fast food kind.  I couldn't remember where the last place was that I had really good fried chicken, so I did what comes naturally, I Googled "best fried chicken in L.A." and A-Frame was the result.  David and I sat there trying to remember from our childhoods what restaurant this used to be.  We thought maybe a really old I-HOP or some kind of chain, pie serving, coffee shop of the kind every neighborhood in Southern California used to have when we were kids.  I remember going to places like this with my parents when I was little and thinking they were huge with soaring ceilings when in fact this is a really tiny spot.

If anyone has a guess what this place used to be (Lisa, I'm looking at you), please let me know.

All the food here is meant to be shared family or picnic style, and comes on platters.  You're encouraged to use your fingers as much as you want.  We started with sesame leaf wrapped tempura shrimp with fried cucumbers and Kitchen Fries, which you can sort of see in the background.

Moving on to the chicken that brought us here, which I did not photograph and this potato, sour cream, panko concoction.  Thank goodness for websites that have photos of the exact meal we ordered.

And then we arrived at dessert: pound cake churros that we dipped in malted chocolate milk and vanilla ice cream.

A fun, delicious meal with interesting takes on some old favorites.

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