Disneyland Trip December 2017

5:10 PM

It seems crazy that it's already March, and I'm still posting Christmas pictures. We had such a great holiday, but it was very, very busy, with work, travel and family. Not all busy is bad you know.

Our trip to Disneyland was the tail end of our holiday. The day after Christmas, we headed down to Anaheim. The tree in the lobby of the Grand Californian did not disappoint again this year.

We had the chance to ride one of our favorite rides, The Hollywood Tower Hotel, one last time before it closes.

We had some great meals and snacks during our visit including drinks at the lounge in the hotel

And dinner at the Carthay Circle. We had our usual Manhattans before dinner with the delicious Luxardo cherries.

A tried a Vignette Wine Country Soda, which she said was unique and refreshing.

It was bittersweet to have to leave this time, as trips to Disneyland were such a part of our lives when we were still living in Southern California.

But we got to take home several new editions to our Starbucks You Are Here Collection to remember our favorite spots

and then there were faces like this that made it all worthwhile.

We can't wait to take a trip back when this is open.

The view from our room was a relaxing way to wind down after the holidays.

And they finished the trip with their favorite snack for the car ride home.

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