Happy Valentine's Day - Last Minute Gift Guide

8:36 PM

5 Pillow Talk Hepburn Paris Pillow

Valentine's Day is generally pretty low key in our house.  I gift my husband with a hoard of any Reese's Peanut Buttercup candy I find at Target, he usually buys me roses, I pick up some treats to show the girls we are thinking of them, and we never dare to go to a restaurant to avoid the craziness.  This year we had planned on going to Ruth's Chris for an early dinner a few days before the big event, but my husband wasn't feeling well, so I canceled our reservations, and we stayed in and picked up Lebanese food.  It was delicious, and we ate in front of the TV in our most comfortable clothes.  I hope to do a repeat tonight.  I love this round up of gifts because there is something for everyone in your life.
For Ariana this year, I picked up some Pink Sugar.  It's one of her favorite scents and seems perfect as we move back into warm weather.  I would love to dig into one of these cupcakes, but I'm holding strong.  I did have pasta the other night to celebrate my niece and nephew's birthday, but I did not give in and have a cupcake even though they looked amazing.  My husband already has a folio for his tablet, but any technology related gift can't be wrong for the man in your life.  Chocolate is the told standby, but this sampler is really the finest quality, and it was already on sale before the holiday.  If you are bitter  buying your own gift, maybe you want to pick one up for yourself?  Finally, I'm obsessed with throw pillows right now, and this one ties together that obsession and my lust for anything Paris related.  Plus Audrey Hepburn…how can it not be perfect?

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