Melting Crayons

4:11 PM

A little bit bored in the days after Christmas, Ariana and I spotted this very old Crayola Crayon Maker on a shelf while I was putting away wrapping supplies.  We got very nostalgic over it and decided to take it down and play with it.  We wanted to do something a little bit different though and just use it to melt the wax then cut them with cookie cutters into shapes.

Now, we haven't had any reason to buy crayons for years, so the first snag we hit was that we couldn't find any crayons!  We finally found an old coffee mug full of bits and pieces at the back of a cupboard.

In addition to shapes, we though it would be fun to press images into the soft wax using these shortbread cookie stamps.

Peeling the wrappers off had to be the worst part.

Until we realized that because of the very good safety features, the wax was too firm to pour by the time we could open the lid of the machine.

So we went the old fashioned way and put the crayon bits into my Silicups baking cups and directly into the oven.


The finished product.  We do prefer the stamped wax to the cutouts.  I have no idea what we'll do with them now, but we did have fun playing for a few hours.

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