Trader Joe's Bakery

2:46 PM

I love Trader Joe's.  I know that sounds trite and simple, but it's true.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Trader Joe's, it's a small, specialty grocery chain that packages most of the foods sold in their own brands.   They have really great prepared foods, cheeses, and a bakery.  And this post is simply an ode to the bakery.  It is very rare that I bring home something from the bakery that is not immediately consumed by everyone.

Crumb cake

Gingerbread (from a mix)

Chocolate loaf and Cookie Butter

What is this Cookie Butter you ask?  Oh's only the most delicious thing to spread on cookies or toast or to end by the spoonful alone.  It has the consistency of peanut butter but is actually butter made from cookies.  So delicious and now they make it swirled with cocoa.  And I wonder why I have an extra 20 pounds.

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