Blooming Bulbs

3:45 PM

Here's an update on the bulbs I planted a few weeks ago and wrote about here.  They have been living in the greenhouse window in our kitchen, and I'm very proud that I remembered to water them, and when I didn't the husband stepped in.  The next step is to get these into the ground, which could prove tricky over the next few days.  Would it look unusual for me to be out planting in the yard in the dark?  Would the neighbors think I'm burying something?  Have I been reading too much crime fiction?

I've really struggled with gardening in the past.  I'm really good with roses for some reason, but other things I mangle usually because I'm really bad at not just remembering to water but also how much.  Now that these are about to go into the yard, I'm breathing a sigh of relief.  It's totally up to the automated sprinkler system now to keep them watered.  

I think I'm totally over-invested in the things I plant, and because of that, you would think that I would take better care of them.  I feel like a failure when they die, but does that make me remember to water them?  No.  Hmm, getting into deep therapy mode here.  Better to save it for another time and place.  Just with me luck getting these into the ground.

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