Gift Tag

11:09 PM

Sometimes I see pictures of the most beautifully wrapped gifts, and I think that they are so perfect, I wouldn't even want to unwrap them.  I am in awe of people who are such artists with paper and ribbon, but I keep practicing trying to make mine look a little prettier.

My little great-niece turned three on Christmas Day, and my niece had her party the week before Christmas. Monsters Inc is my favorite Disney Pixar movie, and Madison looks like a little Boo, so this talking doll seemed perfect.

I keep a drawer full of small toys for times when little ones come and visit since we don't have a lot of things in the house anymore to keep them entertained.  When it came time for the name tag for the gift, I found this Snow White mirror in the drawer.  Ariana pulled out a silver Sharpie and instant name tag.

When it came time to unwrap the gift, the name tag was just as popular as the doll, but I've seen a few Instagram photos that prove that Boo is a bedtime favorite.

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