Disney Trips

5:51 PM

We've had annual passes to Disneyland for 10 years now.  Since we live in Southern California, and had young children, we've always viewed it as an economical alternative for family entertainment.  Over the years, the passes have gone up in price significantly, but Disney made it more affordable by allowing you to make monthly payments.  Also over the years, we've watched California Adventure change.  When it first opened, it was a much less-crowded alternative to which to take a three year-old on rides with much shorter lines, but also made us wonder if it would last since there was never anyone there.  We should never have doubted Disney though because they've been continually making changes to turn the park into what it is today.

As passholders, we enjoyed an early entrance day when Cars Land opened.  We had watched the exterior going up for a year, and it's pretty amazing to see yourself standing inside the landscape of an animated film.

The other reason we enjoy the park is the dining options.  We enjoying hanging out in the lounge of Ariel's Grotto during the summer.

( I love the big, burly guy with the tattoos and mouse ears in the background of this picture.)

Another great place to people watch is the upstairs wine bar.  Perfect for a cold glass of wine on a hot summer day.

Also new this summer was the Carthay Circle restaurant where I discovered my new-to-me favorite drink, a Rye Manhattan in the downstairs bar.

Don't even get me started on the roasted pork from the upstairs dining room, a room in which I would like to live.

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