10:17 PM

We are really very disciplined about eating at home.  It helps with the budget, and our lives are so packed with activities, we would be eating at 9:00 every night before we got together to go sit down somewhere not to mention that we really enjoy cooking.  Dinner is cooked, and whoever is home eats together.  Whoever isn't home has a meal when they need it, and there are usually leftovers for our lunches.

We usually go out to eat once each week though.  We usually plan well in advance what the meal out for the week is going to be.  Sometimes it's breakfast; sometimes it's dinner, but it almost always happens on Saturday.  The one meal we all always agree upon is sushi and always from Kabuki.  The pictures above were taken over several visits, but the roll we always order, and sometimes in multiples, is the Lotus on Fire roll.  Can you pick it out?

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