Chocolate - Need I Say More?

9:44 AM

Never satisfied with a simple Hershey's Special Dark or a Snickers bar, one day while I was gliding through the sweets aisle in the grocery (because don't you just glide through the store when you are doing your shopping?), the packaging on the Chuao Chocolatier bars caught my eye.  I'm not sure whether it was the bacon on the Maple Bacon bar or the marshmallow on the Ravishing Rocky Road, but I think I stood there for at least a minute just looking at the pictures.  Then I bought one of all of them, announcing, "We will do a taste test.  What a wonderful way to finally do a blog post again."  Justification 101. are the results.

Ravishing Rocky Road - I do not like nuts in chocolate.  I know that you either are in one camp or another on this one, and I'm clearly in the no nuts camp, and so is everyone else in the family.  I had no expectations for this one, so we tried it first.  Another strike against it, milk chocolate as most of us are the darker the better in our chocolate tastes.  This has caramelized almonds, so it was a step up from just plain nuts.  The marshmallow bits are really good though.

Pop Corn Pop - A had had this before she admitted when we opened it.  In reading the description on the bar, I took it literally that the pop was the popcorn, but no, there are Pop Rocks mixed in the bar.  It's a flavor combination of corn chips, fruity Pop Rocks, milk chocolate, and salty puffed rice that sounds completely gross but is actually quite appealing.  Especially good if you like salty sweet, this one is a little more sweet because of the fruity flavor.

Potato Chip - I had tasted this one before and remember being disappointed with it at the time.  All of the Chuao bars are rather thin, and when I had this the first time, I only had one thin square and remember thinking it was rather unsubstantial for a chocolate bar.  Maybe it was being able to have a second square, but this time I quite liked the salty, crunchy milk chocolate.  At this point though, I was still searching for The ONE.

Honeycomb - Finally dark chocolate, and I had high expectations for this one because honeycomb has been my favorite candy since I was a kid.  The honeycomb pieces are so fine that you get the flavor but none of the hard chewiness that I love so much about chunks of honeycomb.  I think I expected too much from this one.

Maple Bacon - This bar had a great flavor, but to me at least, the bacon was not crisp but rather soggy.  Maybe it was just the piece I had.  The bar has a salty, sweet maple flavor that everyone liked.

Our favorite is not pictured and our grocery store doesn't carry it.  About two days after doing the taste test, I was in CostPlus and saw that they carry the bars too, but there they have the Orange-A-Go-Go bar.  It is a dark chocolate bar, which besides the Honeycomb bar, is severely limited in Chuao's options, so I picked it up.  This was by far everyone's favorite.  The orange is little pieces of candied orange suspended in the dark chocolate.  Maybe it's because it's the simplest flavor combination or it is just the old-faithful combination of orange and chocolate, or maybe it's just because it was a dark bar in a sea of milk, but we all loved this one.  On our next trip to CostPlus, they didn't carry them anymore, making us wonder if it's been discontinued.  It's probably a good thing because this bar could be dangerous.

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