Date Night

10:33 PM

Maybe I'm just getting old, but more and more often lately my favorite date night with my husband is one where we stay in, open a bottle of wine with some cheese, and watch whatever we have been DVRing  Some of our favorites are Elementary, Sherlock (notice a trend there), Person of Interest, and Game of Thrones.

I've long said that I will probably turn into a hermit in my old age, and it's getting easier and easier with technology to see that happening.  We don't have to leave the house to pick up a movie at the video store anymore because of Netflix, and now, most of the time, we can just instantly stream.  Do video stores even exist anymore?

All the other components of my favorite date night are deliverable, too.  We order our wine now from Lot 18.  We can order cheese from Williams Sonoma, and this salami, pickled okra, olive oil, and balsamic came from one of my husband's Bespoke Post boxes.  I did go to the store for the bread, but next time, I may just choose these baguettes and have them delivered, too.

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