Lipgloss Holder DIY

9:22 PM

Before A was born and when she was tiny, I used to be quite crafty.  Not to blow my own horn, but at that point in my life, I could have given Martha Stewart a run for her money.  Having a Halloween party, okay, let's make pumpkin stew and serve it in individual mini pumpkins set on chargers that I personalized for every guest.  I had theme parties, spent more time wrapping presents than I did shopping for them, made an ornament for everyone on my Christmas list, and was always working on a needlepoint or cross-stitch project.  Then the child and the career got busy, and the crafts were the first thing to go.  It was either that or the already minimal sleep.  Coffee can only do so much.

Now that I'm starting to craft again, it's amazing how much has changed.  New techniques and materials, not to mention technology overwhelm me every time I go to Michael's or the fabric store.  Feeling like I didn't know where to start, I decided on this simple felt project.

Felt is so inexpensive, so when I went to the store by myself, I bought several colors for potential versions because the teenager can be a bit fickle on color choices from day-to-day. For some reason, I hate to use a sewing machine, so I liked that the stitching was so minimal I could do it by hand.

A now wants one in every color.  Pass the coffee.

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