Las Brisas

12:09 PM

When the hub and I started dating, he was living in southern Orange County, and I was living in the Pasadena area.  As we started talking about getting married, we were each trying to convince the other of moving.  One of the ways that he tried to convince me was by taking me to Las Brisas.

I will go out any night of the week for Mexican food.  I simply love it.  The lure of Las Brisas lies not only in the food but the location.  Situated on a the top of a bluff in Laguna Beach, I never been there on a bad day.  Or maybe it's just that Las Brisas makes the day better.

Hub eventually realized that moving to Pasadena was the better move, but we try to make it down to Las Brisas a few times a year.  We had never done brunch until recently, and we are such nice parents, we took the kids with us.  What is it about brunch that makes eating a huge steak before noon seem so reasonable?

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