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9:47 PM

I know I write entirely too often about hamburgers, but it's generally a meal that everyone in the family agrees upon and that doesn't break the bank when we are taking multiple children to dinner.  Also, we have so many great burger places to choose from in Pasadena, and we just generally really like to eat them.  They are our communal comfort food, so why vary when we want to go out for a treat?

The burger place which I think is the kid's favorite is The Counter.  Hub and I are pretty much in love with Umami Burger now, but the kids like The Counter purely because of the build-your-own nature of the meals there.  If you've never heard of The Counter or don't have one conveniently near you, when you are seated, instead of a menu they give you a clipboard with a pencil and a form which you fill out to create your burger.  They have a variety of meats and patty sizes as well as buns and condiments.  You can even get the burger in a salad bowl instead of on a bun.

This is a beef burger in a bowl with bacon, grilled onions, brie, pepperoncini, olives and garlic aioli.

They also make the most incredible grilled cheese sandwiches like this one with ham, onion rings and a side of barbecue sauce.  Low fat by no stretch of the imagination.

Finally, burger with blue cheese, grilled onions, coleslaw, jalapeños, grilled mushrooms and an egg.  I have to admit tossing the diet to the wind when we go there.  I sometimes compromise and go without a bun, but would it really make a difference?  I draw the line at getting a shake.  Did I mention they make a birthday cake shake...

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