4:30 PM

Ariana wanted some black artwork for her walls, but I wasn't able to find anything that fell in the middle of too sweet like black with pink accents and poodles or all out Goth.  Some of what I found was lovely but just too sophisticated for a 13-year-old's room.  We were intrigued by some mixed media pieces we found that had pages from vintage books over images, but the prices were too high to justify and the color wasn't quite right.  Feeling frustrated, I was flipping through a Real Simple magazine one day and decided to try to make something myself.  I decided to use scrapbooking supplies because they are inexpensive and come in so many varieties these days.  I picked out several that had the same type of text mixed with artwork and some that were just small black and white patterns and let A pick which way she wanted to go.  She liked the small print which came with a sheet of coordinating letters.  Staring at the letters, I asked if she simply wanted to spell out her name.

We needed to make sure there was enough contrast between the letters and the background, so I whitewashed the page with some acrylic paint thinned down with water.

I found this frame at TJ Maxx that reminded me of the pen strokes from an Edward Gorey illustration.

We intentionally left the letters unevenly spaced as though the were sliding of the page. The finished product turned out exactly like we wanted it to after we figured it out of course.

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