Pixar Film Fest

8:09 PM

Over the summer when our daily schedules weren’t jam packed with meetings, rehearsals, early assemblies, and school runs, we had more time for leisurely family evenings. We tried playing some games but couldn’t quite find one that all of us could agree upon. We scrolled through Netflix and Amazon Prime but couldn't agree on a series to marathon. Then one night while having another discussion of what to watch and not reaching an agreement, we noticed The Incredibles in our Netflix suggestions. Why not do a Pixar marathon? So we did.

We decided to watch in chronological order because I’m kind of OCD about reading and watching series in order. If you're like me, the order is:

If you decide to do your own film fest, not all of the movies are on Netflix. We used a combination of that, Amazon Video and Red Box. 

We went at a pretty good clip getting through all 18 films. As I started preparing to write this post, I asked D and A to rate their top three. In so specific order they are:

Toy Story
Toy Story 2
The Incredibles
Monsters, Inc.
A Bug’s Life

I found it amusing that except for Up ending up on both D and my lists, we had no duplicates for favorites. And we do seem to have a preference for the older films on the list.

If you have younger kids, you may not think that watching Cars A-G-A-I-N is a fun Saturday night, but if you are like us, it had been years since we had watched some of these movies. It had been so long since we watched some of them that we felt like we were seeing them for the first time, and I caught so many jokes this time around that I had missed before. In a few months we plan to watch a few of our favorites again to look for hidden Easter eggs.

Have you been through the entire Pixar catalog? Which is your favorite?

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