Backyard Update

12:51 AM

Back in October I shared this post about our new house and some of the work we were doing on the interior. Now I thought I'd share a little bit of the different work we've been doing on the side yard. Our pool, shown here in one of the original pictures on the listing of the house from early last year, is actually on the side of our house. The lounge chairs pictured here are against the wall that faces the front yard. To the left in the picture you can see the side of our next-door neighbor's house as well as some Italian Cyprus trees. As you can also see, the second tree in the line was already having some issues even before we bought the house. After we moved in, all of the trees continued to begin slowly die.

Since we had quite a few projects to tackle inside of the house, we really hadn't planned on starting anything in the yard, but when these trees started to all die and since they are visible from the front of the house, we had to do something about them to remain in compliance with our homeowner's association.

Here's the view of the cleaned out planter from the other end of the pool looking towards the back fence and the above ground hot tub.

And here's a view matching the original angle facing the side of our neighbor's house. We aren't very fond of the rock in the planter, so we've been weighing the options of different types of drought-resistant plants that are also pool-friendly so we don't have to worry about leaves and debris falling into the pool since it can be quite windy here as well. Right now we are leaning towards purple fountain grass

You can see the tree debris in this shot before we chopped it up and got rid of it. Also this is a good shot of the climbing jasmine that had gotten a little out of control on the side of the house. We cut this way back because we are about to have the exterior of the house painted.

This broken fish was found hidden behind the bushes in the planter when we started to pull them out.

We had been debating whether or not to keep this monstrosity when the argument was solved for us by it springing a leak. I don't like these above-ground units, but my husband liked it. This one had seen better days. I'm voting on turning this space into an out-door kitchen area. Once we get this out of the yard, we can also tackle that horrible vine behind it.

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