Toasted Cheese

8:39 PM

What is it about putting some cheese on top of bread and various other ingredients and then placing that concoction under the broiler until the cheese is melty, gooey, toasted, crunchy edged goodness that makes something so small so satisfying?

I've always preferred a toasted cheese to a grilled cheese (although there aren't very many of those that I've ever said no to either).  Maybe it reminds me of a little mini pizza, which is another item I love it all it's varieties and forms.  The version above was a simple piece of a whole wheat baguette, some honey ham, Dijon mustard, and mozzarella.  I was quite delighted by the outcome.  I make food like this when I'm by myself and feel like it's not worth the effort to make a full meal.  The funny thing is that the family would probably enjoy it if I made things like this for their dinner every once and awhile, too.

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