Teenage Birthday Grab Box

9:32 PM

6. Moustache Clips

We have a birthday in the house next week.  Since I can't show what she's actually getting yet, I thought I'd put together an inexpensive grab bag of fun little things for a teenage girl.  The index card labels add a hint of cuteness to flash cards perfect for studying.  Spanish or French class might be a little less painful with these as a study buddy.  My teenager is really into spikey accessories right now, so I know she'd love this two-finger ring.  The Tokyomilk lip balms come in flavors like salted caramel, and the bad girl flavors clove cigarette, absinthe, and cherry bourbon.  I'd much rather have her using this instead of the real thing.  Every girl should keep some makeup remover towelettes by her bed for those nights she's just too tired to wash her face to make sure she doesn't go to bed with her makeup on.  We are about to give our girl her first house key.  The owl Quirkeys will hopefully help her keep track of it.  We've found mustaches on band-aids, straws, and cups, but now they are on paperclips that can be used as bookmarks.  They might just show up propped under our noses, too.  

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