Bodum Thermal Glass Mugs

10:47 PM

I admit it.  I have an addiction.  I am addicted to buying coffee cups.  I know I've admitted to it before, and I am able to control it most of the time.  Lately some new cups have entered the house.  I bought a new set of dishes which of course came with coffee cups.  While I was unpacking the box, my husband asked if we could just leave the coffee cups packed away since we have so many already.  I gave him the evil eye.  And then these beauties arrived.

The Bodum Double-Walled Thermal Glass Mugs mugs arrived in one of the PopSugar Must Have boxes a few months ago.

First, I'm absolutely addicted to these boxes.  I love getting my grab bag package every month, and the special seasonal boxes they have have all been great values.  The boxes always arrive with at least double the value in products over the $35 price.  These mugs along retail for more than that at Macy's, and the products are always a good mix of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.  Perfect, right?

Now about these mugs.  They are a little smaller than I usually like since I prefer a huge cup first thing in the morning followed by at least two more huge cups over the course of the day.  Since my mugs are so big, I usually have to resort to the big no-no and pop my mug in the microwave for a quick reheat.  Without fail, the big ceramic mug I'm using almost burns my hand off, but the double-walled construction of these mugs doesn't heat up on the outside, so it never burns my hand.  Plus with the smaller size, I'm not having to reheat as much anyway.  I haven't tried it yet, but you are supposed to be able to freeze these mugs, and the inner core will keep your cold beverages like smoothies cold throughout consumption.  These mugs are really light and seem very delicate when you are using them but are supposed to be incredibly durable.  So form and function.  The perfect mug.

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