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9:52 PM

I've had this antique secretary in the house for several years, and I've never used it for in the manner it was intended.  In the old house, it sat in the combined living room/dining room and mostly stored linens.  The one holiday decoration that always got missed when I was putting things away always got stored there for the year.  When we moved into this house, there was a perfect corner of the kitchen where it fit, and I've been using it for linens and cookbook storage, but the shelves are too narrow and not tall enough, so I'm on the lookout for a new bookshelf for the cookbooks.

My baking supplies were scattered around the kitchen, and my decorating supplies were stuffed in with my baking pans.  I keep buying food coloring because I can never find the color I'm looking for when we are working on a project, so I decided the small cubbies of the secretary would be the best place to store the little bottles and jars without them getting lost among other things.  The things I gathered here were after a first quick sweep of the kitchen.  I'm planning on moving my baking spices into the narrow top drawer and the baking sheets into the two deeper bottom drawers.

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  1. Nice blog. I will visit from time to time to see beautiful things.

  2. Thanks for your support. I hope your holidays were lovely.


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