March Reads

12:17 AM

Ben Aaronovitch: Foxglove Summer
Dorothy L. Sayers: Five Red Herrings
Tana French: Broken Harbor

My March reads follow my usual preferred category by consisting entirely of mysteries. I'm so late posting these, I considered combining March and April, but then I realized that I did not finish one single book in April! So on to talking about March.

My number of reads in 2016 was miserably low, so I sat down at the beginning of the year and made reading goals for 2017. My main focus is to try and finish one series of classic mysteries, to get caught up completely on one current series, to get back into reading the monthly reads for my online book group as much as possible, and to read one non-fiction book each month. If I can meet my goals, I'll finish four books per month, hence 48 books for 2017. That's much lower than my total was a few years ago, but far more respectable than last year.

So how did I do in March? I finished another in the Dorothy L. Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey series for my classic and one from Ben Aaronovitch's wizard detective series for my current series.  The Tana French was a read for my bookclub. So far, so good. But I didn't finish any non-fiction for the month.

Of the three, all were very different, one being Golden Age or traditional, one being a cross between police procedural and fantasy, and the last being pure police procedural, but I did enjoy them all. Broken Harbor's ending left me frustrated, and the novelty of Aaronovitch's series may be running low for me, so I would choose Sayer's Five Red Herrings as my favorite for March.

With these three, I've read 14 books so far this year, which had me ahead of my goal at the end of March. However, with the lack of reading in April, I'm already two behind. I have already finished two books in May, but it may be a stretch to think I'm going to finish another four before the end of the month. Stay tuned for the next update on how I'm doing with my reading goals, but in the meantime, do you set reading goals? If you did for 2017, I'd love to hear what they are. Please add a comment to share below, and we can encourage each other through the rest of the year.

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